N.C. Energy Office

Through August 2013, The N.C. Energy Office, then a division of the N.C. Department of Commerce, oversaw several programs related to energy savings and energy efficiency for North Carolina governments, universities and schools and private businesses.  It was responsible for administering energy-related Federal Recovery Act funds in North Carolina, including:

  • State Energy Program: $75.9 million -- All of the solicitations for programs funded with State Energy Program dollars have now closed.
  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants: $20.9 million in state-administered funds ($37.1 million directly designed local governments).
  • ENERGY STAR Appliance Replacement and Rebate Program: $8.8 million -- North Carolina’s Energy Star Appliance Replacement and Rebate Program is one of the most successful in the country and is being held as a model for other states. The program has fully obligated $8.8 million, resulting in the purchase of more than 62,000 appliances and generating more than $64 million in sales.
  • Energy Assurance: $1 million -- The Energy Assurance Program is a direct federal Recovery Act supported grant to the North Carolina Energy Office to build the state's capacity to deal with energy emergencies, assit in re-writing the energy emergency action plan, and plan for smart grid deployment activities.   Every two weeks the program produced the North Carolina Petro Price Monitor, that tracks gasoline, heating oil and propane prices throughout the state.

    Additionally, the North Carolina Energy Office administered:
  • Utility Savings Initiative
  • Petroleum Displacement Plans for State Agencies:  All State agencies, universities, and community colleges that have state-owned motor vehicle fleets must develop and implement plans to improve the state's use of alternative fuels, synthetic lubricants, and efficient vehicles.  The plan's goal is to achieve a 20 percent reduction, or displacement, of the current petroleum products consumed.  
  • Energy Policy Council 
  • Governor's Scientific Panel on Offshore Energy
  • North Carolina Open-Net A monthly cable television series, broadcast statewide, allows North Carolina citizens direct access to the top leaders in energy and energy policy in the state.  Each month, a panel of energy experts presents information about one of the North Carolina Energy Office's programs and critical energy issues facing the state.  This program is produced through the facilities of the North Carolina Agency for Public Telecommunications.

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