Annual Sustainable Energy Conference

The annual Sustainable Energy Conference is one of the important high level clean energy economy gatherings in North Carolina and the South.  We invite you to join us at the conference along with the expected 1,000 energy professionals, business leaders, policy shapers and key decision-makers from across the state and region.

Expansion of the energy economy, from traditional sources to cutting-edge renewables and sustainability, is a keystone of North Carolina's economic growth strategy and has moved energy, conservation and environmental quality from policies to programs and projects on the ground here in North Carolina.

Public and private sector spending on energy-related initiatives has never been greater and is anticipated to increase.

Those attending the conference will hear from the top thinkers, policy makers and opinion shapers on the energy issues -- from resource exploration, renewable energy and energy efficiency standards, emerging energy technologies, alternative fuel vehicles, expansion of state and federal tax credits, and uncertainty in the global energy markets.

For more information contact Seth Effron at the N.C. Energy Program --; 919.707.9233 or go online to: North Carolina Sustainable Energy Conference homepage

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